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JUPA performs various researches to help distribution and utilization of Japan-made used pianos worldwide. Research results are disclosed periodically.


27th August, 2013


JUPA performs various activities; starting from issuing JUPA Certificate sticker to prevent
distribution of fake Japan-made pianos, to disclosure on piano serial number information.

1. To purchase Japan-made pre-owned pianos from reliable source

Some pre-owned pianos are sold as “directly from manufacturer,” even though such pianos are from
unknown sources. To cope with the situation, JUPA creates mechanism to make people feel at ease
to purchase Japan-made pre-owned pianos. JUPA Certified pianos are first inspected by JUPA certified inspectors,
whether certain pre-owned piano is surely made in Japan.
If the piano is regarded as truly Japan-made piano,
JUPA Certified sticker is attached. At the same time,
people can check the piano source from our website “serial number search.”
Yamaha in the United States also provides website where people can search if certain Yamaha pianos are officially sold for the U.S. market,
or for the other markets. If you type serial number of a pre-owned piano which are originally sold in Japan, the result “This serial number ****** was not made for the US market” comes up.

2. Japan-made pianos: strong and high-quality

Japan-made pianos are exported to all over the world.
It is said that there are many climate patterns in the world,
and pianos should be manufactured in suitable manner to each climate.
For example, Yamaha develops “computer-controlled drying kilns,
as well as other manufacturing procedures”
to manufacture pianos suitable for dry environment.
However, according to JUPA research to member companies,
“There are no serious problems due to humidity,
through more than 20-year experience on Japan-made pianos
for Japan market exporting to North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and other regions.”
That is, Japan-made pianos lead by Yamaha are strong and high-quality pianos, durable under various climate patterns.
At the same time,
Yamaha Piano Service, Yamaha’s subsidiary (https://www.yamahapianoservice.co.jp/), collects Japan-made pre-owned pianos
from individual homes in domestic Japan, and export them to the world.
Along with the website explanation of Yamaha Piano Service,
“collected pianos take journey not only in Japan
but also to the U.K., Italy, Greece, France, and other parts of the world.”
Referring to this, Yamaha exports Japan-made pre-owned pianos in confidence.

3. Manufacturer’s warranty on pianos

It is natural that brand-new pianos are warranted by manufacturers,
as same as electronics. Sometimes we hear opinions,
“if JUPA warrants Japan-made pre-owned pianos.” However,
quality of certain piano should be warranted by sellers,
as the seller should be responsible to make certain reaction against claims.
JUPA regards that pianos have values for the durability and sustainability through certain maintenance.
Japan-made pianos lead by Yamaha possess sufficient quality,
manufactured with every efforts.
Please feel at ease to purchase Japan-made pre-owned pianos.

Yamaha Piano Serial Number Search

Yamaha Piano Service “Customer’s Voice”

We will continue to support distribution of "Made-in-Japan" pianos through various announcements.


9th February, 2011

JUPA's attitude to "distribute real made-in-Japan pianos worldwide" causes big shift among Japanese musical instrument manufacturers. On the date in February, Asahi Shinbun Morning Edition says that Shizuoka-Prefecture Musical Instrument Manufacturer Association alters standard of "Made-in-Japan" pianos. From the date, they regard that a piano from parts production to assembly can be called as "Made-in-Japan" pianos. If this standard is applied to year 2010 production as Japan-made pianos (approximately 118,000- units), actual Japan-made pianos are said to be about 40,000- units.

We will continue to support distribution of "Made-in-Japan" pianos through various announcements.


20th July, 2010

As a result of research to overseas exporters of Japan-made used pianos (over 100,000- pianos since 1998), there is no reports of serious problems caused by climatic factors on those pianos at imported places.



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