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Inspection Certificate Sticker

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Certified Inspector Accredited by Japan Used Piano Association


Personnel who is eligible for certificate

Personnel who had graduated from Piano Technical Academy,
majoring in Piano Technical major,
or who had business experience on piano sales over one year and finished training courses offered by JUPA.

Skill Examination

Examination Contents: Examinee inspects 4 (four) units of pianos within time limit.
Time Limit: 60 (sixty) minutes.
Evaluation: Examiner re-inspects the same pianos if examinee’s inspections are appropriate.
Examiner rates score,
with maximum score of 20 (twenty) points for 4 (four) pianos,
5 (five) points on each piano.

Knowledge Examination

Examination Contents: Examinee answers to 5 (five) categories of questions within time limit. Question No. 1 and 2 are fundamental and required to be fully answered correctly.
Question No. 3, 4, 5 are with maximum score of total 30 (thirty) points.
Time Limit: 60 (sixty) minutes.

Acceptance Line

Examiner passes examination with over 45 (forty-five) points out of maximum score of 50 (fifty) points,
and Question No. 1 and 2 on Knowledge Examination are to be answered correctly.

Training Courses

Training courses for personnel cover the following contents
1. Fundamental knowledge on pianos and how to grade used pianos.
2. How to grade BDY condition and practice.
3. How to grade KEY/PIN/ACT/SDB conditions and practice.
4. Knowledge and Operations of installed machines (auto-play/silent functions)
5. Overview
Lecture Time: 2 (two) hours on each content / total 10 (ten) hours.

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